Appliance Repair in Brampton
Appliance Repair in Scarborough has been repairing appliances since 2003.

During this time, we have significantly expanded our customer base, gained the trust of customers and gained a reputation as reliable performers.

This happened not because of advertising. People turn to us regularly because of our work:

The official warranty
At Home
We fix any appliances

Whatever appliances malfunctioned - a simple iron or stuffed with electronics air conditioner, washing machine or refrigerator with the latest cooling system - our qualified specialists - professionals are always ready to help, quickly and most importantly, qualitatively eliminate the failure.
How do we work?
Ordering a service
Call our center, describe your problem, the same day our technician comes to you.
Refinement of parts
Master repair washing machines makes diagnostics, voiced the cost of services;
Quality repair
We will agree on a price and deadline, the master will start the work.

Testimonials from our customers
Responsive staff, smart craftsmen, will advise all my friends made humidifier just super, officers refused, and here they did everything in a short time and at normal prices.
They brought the equipment back to life. They have creatively upgraded it, which will allow it to pay off.

Good service and I liked it. They took my broken TV in quickly. That said, they already had the parts ready in advance after my call and they had them in stock, so I wasn't waiting for them to arrive yet. There was a small workload of specialists, so they did it only on the second day. Contacted me right away when everything was ready. The prices do not bite, and do a quality job. In general, thank you service!

I contacted about my gas stove, the ignition switch stopped working. After examination, the master was able to repair it in just an hour. Gave me a three-month warranty. Now it works properly, thank you.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?
Don't be shy, just email us:
[email protected]
Why are we chosen?
3 years of work in home appliance repair
For a long time, we have made a huge number of repairs. Quick work and professional craftsmen are our advantage!
Fast diagnostics
Quick, high-quality and free diagnostics at our service center.
Individual approach
Fast repair at any time and place convenient for you.
Some facts about us
It is quite problematic to find a real craftsman in Brampton, almost all modern appliances contain complex electronic components, fragile microcircuits, which only a professional can figure out. For quality service you also need special equipment and software which can be used to test equipment and only after that can be repaired.

Our service has everything you need for effective and quality appliance repair in Brampton. We offer our clients the repair of:
- large and small appliances;
- audio and video equipment;
- electric vehicles;
- power tools.

Our Brampton service center has many advantages. We always take care of our clients, that is why we repair appliances not only in the hospital, but also at the client's home. We provide pleasant bonuses for wholesale customers who deliver 3 or more machines, customers who signed a permanent or one-time contract.

Plus Appliance Repair Brampton

Frequent Questions
Question :
Can I pay by bank card?
Yes, you can pay for the work in cash and by bank card.
What is the warranty period?
The warranty period for repair work is 1 month, except for moisture treatment work. For works related to moisture treatment warranty is given for 1 day.
Do you use original parts for repairs?
Yes. We work only with new original spare parts supplied by the manufacturer.
+1 (905) 8530-6416
[email protected]

30 Clark Blvd, Brampton, ON L6R 1H3, Canada
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